Unlike most books, The Shadow of Aemar allows readers to interact with the characters and environment like never before! Readers can download The Shadow of Aemar app, available for both Apple & Android devices, and scan specific things within the book to enhance the experience. Scanning a cave entrance allows readers to explore the depths of the cave. Scanning a chest allows readers to add items to their inventory. Through the app, readers can battle creatures, watch dialogue and cutscenes, and much more!

The Shadow of Aemar app will include the following:

  • An in-depth, turn-based battle system
  • An inventory system
  • Magic & abilities to further your adventure
  • Cut-scenes and dialogue
  • Shops for gear, potions, items & more
  • Inns, taverns & buildings to explore
  • A variety of journals and lore to explore
  • Dungeons to traverse and conquer
  • A world map to mark your achievements
  • & much more!