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Our hero, Kedwyn, is a miner from the small, northern village of Hinosa. In search for a lost friend, Kedwyn ventures deep into the forbidden corners of a mine, where he finds a mysterious darkness that clings to him and leaves a shadowy mark on his right palm.

As rumors whisper of a mysterious King who reigns from deep within the Scourge of the World, Kedwyn must journey to the fallen city of Amnestria to find answers. All the while, the shadow mark begins to spread and overtake him. Kedwyn must confront the King Below or join him.


A self-proclaimed Shadow Hunter, Xander finds Kedwyn and warns him of his fate – to either replace the Shadow King, or to kill him. In his lifelong mission to destroy the Shadow, Xander agrees to help Kedwyn train and journey into the Scourge to rid the world of the Shadow King. But others warn Kedwyn that Xander is not to be trusted. Perhaps not everything is as it seems…



A rugged assassin from the streets of Thanriad, Tae is drawn towards Kedwyn and the mark he bears. She agrees to accompany him on his journey in order to find answers. Though Tae is lighthearted and witty, she is not to be underestimated. She is vital to Kedwyn’s training, and well versed in politics.

While Xander tries to persuade Kedwyn to confront the Shadow King, Tae tries to persuade Kedwyn to explore other options.

And many more…

The cast of Aemar is large and diverse, with hundreds of different characters to interact with. You can interact with different characters through optional dialogue scenes, battle scenes, as well as shops, inns, dungeons, mini games & more!

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