For thousands of years, the Scourge of the World loomed over the land of Amnestria, whispering rumors of a sleeping evil. Though none would dare enter the Scourge, the world watched in horror as it spread and cracked across the once beautiful land.

But over time, rumors turned to legend and the people of Amnestria chose to forget the Scourge and the Shadow that reigned over the world from within. The creatures of Shadow that once protected the Scourge were a rare sight, and the world seemed at peace.

In the northern village of Hinosa, a young man named Kedwyn awoke from deep within the dark mines of the mountain. Moments earlier, the walls had caved in around him, threatening his life as he desperately tried to escape. In the collapse, Kedwyn’s friend had been forced down a forbidden path of the mine – a path that was rumored to contain a darkness beyond anything imaginable. Determined to find his friend, Kedwyn ventured deeper into the mine, calling out for a response.

For hours he looked, feeling his way along the cavern walls. And finally, surrounded by darkness, Kedwyn found his friend. Clinging onto the little life he had left, the young man turned to Kedwyn with a harsh warning: “Run!”

Suddenly, Kedwyn found himself overwhelmed by an army of creatures, each shrouded in darkness and hatred. He fought desperately, flailing his arms as he ran towards the path from which he came. But it was too late. The pain overtook him as the creatures of Shadow tore into his flesh. He closed his eyes, wishing helplessly for an escape.

And then he saw it – a rock that seemed to glisten with Shadow, a dark power that called out to him. With nowhere else to turn, Kedwyn reached out and grabbed the rock. With a sudden burst of darkness, the creatures fled, and Kedwyn felt a wave of power flood over him.

Tired and confused, Kedwyn emerged from the deep mines at long last, his dead friend hanging limp from his shoulders. And on Kedwyn’s palm, a shadow-like mark danced like lightning. Cast out of his village, Kedwyn decides to venture to Archememnon, determined to uncover the secrets of his new mark and the King Below.

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