Scourge: A Game of War – RED & BLUE

$24.99 $14.99

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NOTE: This is the Red & Blue Decks only. Purple & Green Decks sold separately.

SCOURGE: A Game of War is an extremely strategic card game designed for 2 – 4 players. Each player commands an army, consisting of Infantry, Magicians, Heroes, and Strategy Cards, with a single goal in mind – eliminate all enemy armies!

Each game consists of 2 decks – a Red Deck and a Blue Deck. Each deck is balanced, with soldiers, archers, sorcerers, healers, and much more. Players take turns sending out troops from their hand onto the battlefield – if the opposing army cannot counter or defend, he or she must take damage.

Players can capture and sacrifice prisoners of war to unlock new abilities, upgrade already learned abilities and more. While some cards attack an opposing army, other cards can attack an opponent’s King directly.